You captured our mother's voice, her true self in telling her own stories and this is what we are most grateful for.

family member

Moving Story is assisted to June 2022 through Arts Tasmania and Munnew Day Centre to co-produce short documentaries with families caring for a loved one. 

Film making captures a moment in time as a precious keepsake for years to come. It brings extended family and friends together to rejoice in these moments of the here and now.

Participants who are able to represent themselves are celebrated as film stars with their family, friends and the broader community. 

Love, love, love the Moving film concept. Incredibly valuable for the person, their family, their carers. I can see this being just as compelling as the Preschool for Older People, ABC production. Wonderful in combatting ageism and particularly educating about dementia.

National Elder Abuse Conference delegate

This could be very interesting in years to come to see what people thought and said at this time

Film Participant, Marion Thomson 96yrs

It was just so wonderful to hear Jim open up and talk about our time together on King Island. He shared so many little excerpts with you that he never tells others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting people see into my Jim.

Family member

After my father passed, I still hold onto the fact that I have this short film to watch anytime, and it gives me some sort of hope and happiness knowing it is there for me and allows me to spend time with my dad again.

family member

Our family is very thankful to have such a meaningful memory to pass on. I hope you continue the work with many other people who are reaching the point in their life where those opportunities will be gone.

Family member

“There is a focus on the diagnosis… you have dementia, this is what you can’t do, it’s very much focused on that but obviously the video is showing who this person was before they went into care, what they still can do and what they like to do”.

Interim Report Evaluation UTAS

If due to cognitive change or impairment where the participant cannot truly represent themselves, the family share stories that give genuine insight of their loved one and their experiences as the primary caregiver.

These personalised accounts assist home care or residential care in ‘seeing’ the person behind the diagnosis and build rapport between staff and families.

Their personal stories are a gift of knowledge that paperwork cannot translate. This aims to nurture positive relations and reciprocity between care staff and families to support the clients future health, social and emotional well-being. This supports recommendations from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Report 2021.

Moving story played a pivotal part in the transfer of care for our mum, but also the care for us. Knowing that our voice would be heard, that the love we have for her would be felt and the person she is behind her disease would be captured, was not only important, but therapeutic for both our mum and us.

Family member