UPDATE: We are currently seeking participants and funding to create a new project.

‘Isolation’ is recorded conversations with Meander Valley Life aged care residents on the topic of loneliness. 

Jimmy Reece produces an epic kaleidoscopic musical response. The voices of lives long lived infused in contemporary work. The audio track is launched. It echos in the natural settings of Maracoopa Cave for the Meander Valley Festival of Creative Ageing. 

Listen. Turn it up. ‘Isolation’ Spoken word & music (8.00 mins)

‘Everyday People’ is conversations with carers.

Carers reflect on their aversion to being stigmitised and find strength in their family bonds. There’s solace in being creative and the time for self care.

Jimmy Reece’s music underpins every nuance of the conversation. This work was supported by ARRTS Project, an initiative by Family Based Care in Burnie, Tasmania.

Listen to ‘Everyday People’ Spoken word & music (2.30 mins)

  • When strangers come in, I mean shy people…its up to us to talk to them.

    Meander Valley Life Resident

What we learn.

The emphasis is to raise the visibility of people at risk of marginalisation. To be heard, to leave ‘no song left unsung’. 

Ethical engagement is grounded in working with a supporting health worker who has a close relationship with the participant.

The process for the participant is both challenging and cathartic. 

The self reflection in listening to the interpretative work opens further dialogue.

This includes both the subject matter and the art of the composition.

The audio composition provides further artistic opportunities to interpret in dance, film, performance, animation or live music.