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Seeking your help now to continue supporting people living with dementia and their families.

We have been assisted through Arts Tasmania and Munnew Day Centre to produce a new work, ‘MOVING STORY’, through to June 2022.

MOVING STORY has co-created 16 short documentaries with families who are moving towards requiring home care or residential care support. A full evaluation report from UTAS is about to be released and is documenting significant findings as to the impact on families. The stories captured in the moment and before any further decline in health or cognitive impairment. Stories that capture the essence and true voice of their loved one.

The films are also strengthening relations with care providers as they ‘see’ their new client’s past, present and future aspirations.

“There is a focus on the diagnosis… you have dementia, this is what you can’t do, it’s very much focused on that but obviously the video is showing who this person was before they went into care, what they still can do
and what they like to do”.

Residential Care Staff member

Please help us continue to give voice to families as we develop the next stage of broadening our reach to more people experiencing cognitive challenges and dementia. 

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