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  • As we’ve learnt, this is not the end of a project. We see this now as an ongoing underpinning methodology for all our programs.

    Trevor Reeve, Manager ~ No. 34 Aboriginal Health Centre, Ulverstone Tasmania.

noi.heen.ner (in good spirits)

Brief: ‘Arts in isolation’ project for health centre clients during COVID-19

Consultancy: Weekly zoom meetings with social and emotional well-being staff. Establish project objectives and timeline application of strategies to engage and maintain connections with and between clients. Give voice to participants from the beginning and throughout the process. Re-align the process to establish a sustainable approach of engagement for staff to continue to model.

Film: One day filming celebratory event and interview key management and participants of the program. Agency work closely with Doublesee Media in capturing and editing footage that will speak authentically to the project and vision of the organisation. 

Key outcomes:

  • Staff learn social health mapping techniques to better understand their clients relational connections and determinants of health.
  • Staff plan engagement strategies for client self-direction rather than being heavily service dependent.
  • Clients improve digital literacy skills and find new ways to stay socially and culturally connected.
  • Management defer ‘end’ of project and staff adopt new ways of working that focus on arts as a process of engagement rather than output driven.
  • Films evoke pride and strengthen ties between clients and staff, as well as within the client community.
  • The films are project deliverables which support new funding applications and avenues to promote the work of No.34 and Rural Health Tasmania. 
February 2021: No.34 Aboriginal Health Service partners with Reconciliation Tasmania to produce a public event.

Agency enables creative choices driven by the No.34 staff and clients to produce a cultural celebration and health promotion of their services.

400 people gather on Saturday 13th February at Bicentennial Park, Ulverstone. The event is attended by Senator Ann Urquhart, Senator Jacquie Lambie, Roger Jaensch MP, Felix Ellis MP, Anita Dow MP and Mayor Jan Bonde. 

Thanks to TasNetworks for supporting the making of this film.



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  • Its a true collaboration. Take one logo away and the project doesn’t exist.

    Brett Menzies, Chief Operations Officer ~ Respect Age Care (formerly Island Care)

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