“The Song Connects You & Me” by 15yr old Ella J is inspired by new friendships with a dementia friendly community. A series of workshops with professional artists invites Ella J to engage in both the care sector and creative industries.  

The key partners intuitively work with Agency to support the process.

  • SPACE Campus, a learning environment that builds capacity for youth at risk to re-engage in education.
  • Dementia Specific Munnew Day Centre seek equal opportunity for their clients to participate and contribute in community.

Ella J participates and performs with professional artists, care staff and clients at dementia friendly Reflections Café. Close bonds are formed. The original song is written, recorded and performed by Ella J with the assistance of our music coaching and production team.

Ella J’s SPACE Campus attendance increases from 32% to 74%. She re-imagines her capacity to enroll in college, pursue work experience in the care sector and continue developing her creative talents.

This current project has been assisted through a quick response grant supported by Regional Arts Fund. 

Agency is seeking further funding and support to continue delivering outcomes by connecting young and older at risk to participate in the arts together. 

Click here to read the latest media release on Ella J’s song as featured in The Advocate.

What we learn.

The social and economic costs of poor mental health is a government priority and requires a multi-tiered approach.

The inclusion of the arts working with health and education demonstrates evidence of multiple outcomes for both young and older at risk. 

The project is responding to a vulnerable period of life for disadvantaged individuals. Exposure to the right conditions for imagination and creativity to flourish empowers the participants with agency.

We learn that all participants recognise and support each others strengths and connect with purpose through a collaborative participatory arts process.

Both young participants and people living with dementia are celebrated as performing artists and positive new behaviours, pride and social confidence are observed from staff and their families.

The intergenerational creative exchange in film and performance influence a broad audience as to the promotion of the arts for equity and inclusion.

The creative outputs are slick co-creations, professionally produced and not compromised.

The insight and learnings gained by artists engaged in the project delivery, shapes and informs their own practice in producing collaborative and inclusive art with community.

Our debut project was facilitated through Burnie’s Family Based Care ARRTS project funded by the federal government.

10yr old Angie lives with autism and was experiencing a difficult period with her schooling and relationships at home. She attends a series of creative development workshops and creates this original work.

‘Hey See’ is produced and released July 2020. Lyrics, melody & vocals by Angelinah. Music by Jimmy Reece.

  • Everyone is really friendly and encouraging. They helped me do something I didn’t think I was capable of. I loved the dancing and putting my song words into something amazing. I hope I inspire others to do something outside of the box and their comfort zones.


“Hey See is about seeing the good things. Seeing the chance for new beginnings after a storm”