It takes a village of expertise.


Physical distancing heightens our recognition that social ties and close interaction is essential human behaviour for our health.

We often describe our work as an intimate exchange, particularly when being with older people. The warmth of a hand or hug along with friendly meaningful conversations is missing in the daily lives of many at risk of loneliness as we speak.   

This is the beginning of a new day as we launch this website to you. Our process is definable, can be replicated and producing significant outcomes. Projects are adaptable during COVID-19 to continue supporting vulnerable people during this time.

Safety is paramount. Yet we must remain innovative to prevent the poor health impacts of social disconnection more than ever before. 

Sustainability relies not only on funding sources but to have a village of supporters and expertise to ensure continuation in challenging times.

We invite you to consider supporting Agency. To join us in a way that suits you. Let us realise and action what we can do, rather than focus on what we can’t. 

Explore our new website and please contact us if you can offer the following skills and services in adapting and growing our non-profit charity in preventing loneliness.


  • Non-profit Business Management
  • Grant Writing and Fundraising Campaigns
  • Public Relations and Communication Strategies
  • Volunteer Coordination
  • Research and Evaluation


Many thanks,