A Young Mothers Story Moves Ministers.

 Kaliesha arrived at No.34 Aboriginal Health Centre in need of help during COVID-19 restrictions. Whilst clients created artworks isolated at home, Kaliesha found solace in isolation at the Health Centre and painted an impressive mural on-site.

The empowerment of creative art making, purpose and excellent guiding support from an integrated health team has had a profound effect on this young woman.

“Before coming to N.34, I couldn’t see my future. I came here with my past but this feels like my time. Living in the now.” Kaliesha

Labor Ministers Rebecca White, Shane Broad and Anita Dow attended a noi.heen.ner project community event, clearly moved by watching the launch of her personal story.

Watch 2.30mins of Kaliesha’s story here: noi.heen.ner palawa kani (in good spirits) project consultancy: https://artshealthagency.org.au/noi-heen-ner-in-good-spirits-2/