A Shared Experience in Reconciliation.

noi.heen.ner (in good spirits) was named by women’s group member Jodi Hodgetts in response to summing up the interrelationships within the No.34 Aboriginal Health Service.

“The support that each other gives, is a gift in good spirits. Your stories, your art, your knowledge are all gifts of truth.”

The reciprocal acknowledgement of cultural connection is what binds this community together.

Having worked closely with staff during the pandemic last year, where members were in isolation and project initiatives were enacted to prevent social disconnection, 2021 presented a new and exciting challenge.

Reconciliation Tasmania partnered with No.34 to produce a cultural event to promote the values of reconciliation. Agency was given the opportunity to enable the staff and their members to drive their creative ideas for the occasion with the aim to raise the visibility of their aboriginal health service community.

What ensued was not only new skills in event management learnt, but also the increased confidence of members to be challenged in participating and presenting their culture to a diverse and broader community.

All walks of life immersed themselves on this day, participating in hands on activities, having conversations with members and with each other. Children played freely, politicians mingled, we danced in the sunshine and had moments to breathe and truly acknowledge each other.

Four hundred gathered in the name of reconciliation and left us feeling that the social and cultural fabric of our small community was strengthened on this day.

May these humble beginnings continue to flourish in the future and be instated on our calendars as an important annual event led by our aboriginal community.

Thank you to TasNetworks for supporting the making of this short film in celebration of the noi.heen.ner festival event.

Watch 3.30 mins here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5YGmjF4PkY


In good spirits to all,



P.S. We are currently continuing the journey of noi.heen.ner in producing another film to be released soon!