20+ years

Our Combined Experience

Hello!  Agency is not for profit arts organisation  based in Penguin, N/W Tasmania.

We promote equal access to the arts as essential to well-being and work with health to demonstrate social and economic value to key decision makers. 


In Short

Loneliness is a health issue.

Social health is intrinsically linked to our mental and physical well-being.

Embrace the creative industries to work alongside health to improve the lives of our most vulnerable.

To prevent or reduce the poor health outcomes of loneliness is to have access, choice and purpose.

Access to creative and cultural participation is not only good for you, but is in fact a standard human right.

You’re in good hands with a team recognised with arts and health national awards and an international reputation for best practice.

The health and economic impact of loneliness is everyone’s business.

Lets do this together.

Social health does matter. We got this!

The Why.

”We now have robust evidence that [long-term] social isolation and loneliness are independent risk factors for premature mortality. And social connection is a significant protective factor.”— Julianne Holt-Lunstad, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at Brigham Young University

Poor mental health, loneliness and social isolation contributes to an increase in hospital visitations, aged care admissions, early disease, dementia and premature death rates.

Everything we produce is driven by evidence that a determinant of a person’s wellness is in the quality of their social connections.

The name Agency is in context to ‘have capacity for the power to act’. 

To access creative choices is to have agency to improve our own social health and well-being.

Creative participation is a standard human right at any stage of life.

The How.

We connect with health professionals, arts workers, older and young people to create participatory arts experiences together.

Our process involves people at risk of social disconnection to be at the centre of making creative choices.

The work is non risk adverse and challenges health and societal issues connected to isolation, ageism and inequality.

We listen, learn and raise the visibility of voices in our marginalised communities.

Collaboration is the key for a multi-tiered approach to care.

It takes a village.

No one expertise can prevent chronic loneliness alone.

Specialised creative engagement involves teams of health workers, artists, volunteers and supporters.

Donate as a regular supporter, get involved as a volunteer, create work as an artist, partner with us to achieve sustainable funding.

Be truly collaborative to strengthen the social health of our communities.

Our Board

John Guenther, Stephanie Finn, Chris Mead, Noni Morse, Tammy Bromfield, Kiri Gibson. 


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