Carnival of the Here and Now was created by Chris Mead at Creature Tales in 2011. It received national recognition and international followers for its work in aged care.

The Carnival marches on with Agency extending its reach into the community. We collaborate with a range of services to produce this festival event for the general public.

The following two films are earlier heroes of this work. It stands by the right to participate in cultural activities at any stage of life.

  • Fantastically disrupts the stories we tell ourselves about ageing.

    Dominic Campbell ~ Creative Ageing International

What we learn.

Carnival of the Here and Now ultimately aims to influence audiences to change the way we see ageing.  

The delivery from our team relies on high class hospitality and warmth. Genuine equal care and dignity for all ages.

The process is valuable experience for volunteers interested in working in the care industry.

The event provides opportunity for older people to make social connections with those they would not easily meet. 

It is an authentic place-based age friendly event that strengthens the social fabric of our communities.